Hand and Spear, Woking

Today the Hand and Spear is no more. The site of the old beer house (Surgery on map) was opposite the White Hart at the entrance to St Peter’s Road. Occupation Road still exists at the rear of the present Surgery and Car Park. St Peter’s Road follows very roughly the original footpath shown on the 1870, 1896 and 1914 OS maps. The building had disappeared by the time of the 1934 map. The original barn and stables on the same site would have been on the east side of the map.

The history of the site during the 19th century can be traced from the Woking Tithe Map of 1841, the Census Returns 1841-1901 and the records of the Manor of Woking Rectory, all to be found at the Surrey History Centre.

The Tithe Map shows the Hand and Spear site as No.280 house, yard and garden owned by Ellen Harris and occupied by Thomas Jaques. The next door site No.279 house and garden is owned by Thomas …man, probably Thomas Newman who owned the brewery opposite, the occupier being John Hooper. This site is almost certainly the White Horse.

In 1841 Henry Bullen, probably a future landlord of the Hand and Spear, and his family were living in Shackleford.

1841 Shackleford Henry Bullen 35 Y
Maria Bullen 35 Y
Alfred Bullen 4 Y
Henry Bullen 2 Y
Ellen Bullen 1m Y

Apart from Martha Jones at the White Hart, John Hooper was the only other publican shown as living in Town Street in the census. As the Hand and Spear was not in existence then, it is reasonable to conclude that John Hooper was the landlord of the White Horse.

1841 John Hooper 45 publican N
Elizabeth Hooper 40 Y
John Hooper 20 Y
Elizabeth Hooper 20 Y
William Hooper 15 tailor Y
Jane Hooper 10 Y
Alicia Hooper 7 Y
Anthony Notley 20 printer N
Henry Tilley 60 agricultural labourer Y

John Hooper died in 1844 and his wife Elizabeth remarried in 1850, her new husband being William Pendill Raison, a tailor of Woking. Her son John was a witness and the entry shows her father to have been Jams Fenn, labourer.

The Hand and Spear site was occupied by Thomas Jaques in 1841. Earlier his children had been baptised at St. Peter’s and he was described as a shopkeeper and once as a baker. His surname more often was spelt Jacques. The premises were not used as a beer house then.

1841 Thomas Jaques 45 grocer Y
Mary Jaques 40 Y
Elizabeth Jaques 15 Y
Mary Ann Jaques 12 Y
Tryphena Jaques 10 Y
Thomas Jaques 9 Y
Caroline Jaues 7 Y
Henry Turnell 25 baker Y
Hariott Slut 15 female servant Y

Thomas then aged 64 was buried at St Peter’s on 13th September 1855.

In the 1851 census apart from Philip Penfold at the White Hart and Richard Stilwell at the White Horse, there are no other publicans shown who might have been at the Hand and Spear.

The following extracts from the Census returns 1861-1901 show the occupants of the Hand and Spear then. These are shown in bold and in addition, the Heads of the households, appearing in the return immediately before and after the Hand and Spear entry, are shown in italics. When two households appear next to each other in the returns, this does not mean the two households are neighbours.

As Alfred Bullen seems to have succeeded his father Henry as publican, the entry for the father is given in full. Although the son appears as a separate household in 1861, it is possible that the whole family were living in the same premises or were neighbours.

1861 High Street Henry Bullen Head m 54 Retired Publican Surrey Woking

Maria Bullen

w m 56   Surrey Ash

Henry Bullen

s u 22 labourer Surrey Send
    Emma Bullen d u 20 general servant Surrey Woking
    Lucy Bullen d u 18 barmaid Surrey Woking
High Street Alfred Bullen Head u 24 Beer House Keeper Surrey Send
John Butcher Head m 62 Baker Surrey Alfold
1871 5 High Street Priscilla Rathbone Head u 31 General Draper Tobago WI
8 High Street Alfred Bullen Head m 34 Beer House Keeper Send Surrey
  Martha Bullen w m 29 wife A Bullen Binstead Surrey
    Ellen Bullen d u 2   Woking Surrey
9 High Street Edmund Knight Head m 51 Baker & Grocer Vernham Hants

Alfred Bullen was buried at St Peter’s on 23 December 1874 aged 38 years so his widow Martha must have remarried some time after then given that she had a son, John Gunton and was a widow once more according to the 1881 census returns below.

1881   Sarah Westbrook Head w 69 widow of Groom Surrey Haslemere

Hand & Spear

Martha Gunton


w 39 Beer House keeper Hants Binstead
    Ellen Bullen d u 12 scholar Surrey Woking
    Lucy M Bullen d u 8 scholar Surrey Woking
    Alfred Bullen s u 6 scholar Surrey Woking
    John Gunton s u 3 scholar Surrey Woking
    Charles Brown bdr u 41 saddler/harness mkr Surrey Woking

William Clark

bdr u 63 ag lab Wilts Cadford

William Chambers

Head m 59 cordwainer Noton Raund

Joseph Stone

Head m 47 carpenter Sussex Pulborough
Hand & Spear

George Kirk

Head m 40 Beer House keeper Brickhill

Ellen Kirk

w m 32   Somersetshire

Selina Lomer

s u 30   Somersetshire

Catherine Morey

Head w 69 Dressmaker Graffham Sussex

George Webber

Head u 48 sub post master & stationer Surrey Woking

Elizabeth J Webber

s u 39 housekeeper Surrey Woking
High Street

Arthur J Corbett

Head m 24 Licensed Victualler Surrey Surbiton

Fanny Corbett

w m 24   London Islington

Harry Badland

binl m 29 gardener Bucks great Kimble

Elizabeth Badland

s m 20   Surrey Surbiton

Jane Corbett

s u 20   Surrey Surbiton

Dora Child

serv u 19 Barmaid London Islington

John Dean

serv u 24 Potman Surrey Surbiton

Minnie Hawkins

serv w 23 Servant Italy British Subject

Marion Armstrong

s   36 Monthly Nurse India British Subject

John G. Jones

Head m 61 Grain Merchant Suffolk Chedington

George Webber having bought the barn, stable and other land adjacent to the Hand and Spear in 1892, it would appear that in 1901 he and the Corbett family were, in fact, neighbours. George and his family appear at the Old House when it was called Coziers. The 1881-1891 census returns show him and his sister living in High Street when they left that house. George is a blacksmith in 1881 and this is not altogether surprising since this was his father’s occupation when the family were living at Coziers.

1881 High Street George Webber Head u 28 blacksmith Surrey Woking
1891 George Webber Head u 38 stationer and sub-postmaster Surrey Woking
Elizabeth J. Webber s s 29 post office assistant and newsagent Surrey Woking


Site of Hand and Spear today

Site of Hand and Spear today

Entrance to St Peter's Road

Entrance to St Peter’s Road

Occupation Road, Woking

Occupation Road

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